social 1Almost all companies, however successful they are in terms of profits, assets, capitalization, diversified activities, always consider that there is the other side of business - that of being responsible corporate social citizen.

In this respect, the Chemphil Group has always been cognizant of the need to be a responsible corporate citizen. The Chemphil Group recognizes its social responsibilities, not only to the family of its employees but also to the community, as well as the neighboring communities in which the plant stations are located.

To achieve these objectives, Chemphil is committed to support activities that foster harmonious relations with the community officials and residents. It shall promote programs and activities that will provide a valuable learning experience especially to the community residents in order for them to grow and develop into responsible citizens. Furthermore, it shall continue to foster and encourage the creation of groups which can serve as forum for sharing or expressing concerns, observations and helpful suggestions to promote the preservation or protection of the environment.




social 2The company therefore will continue programs and activities towards these objectives: periodic barangay visits, creation of task force and meetings with barangay officials, free medical and dental clinics, sports assistance, sponsorships of community activities, livelihood seminars, talks/seminars on value formation, provision of selected community supply/requirements such as raingears and garbage drums, summer camp, among others.





social 3In the period 1993-1995, for example, when the country was plunged into the energy crisis, LMG and CAWC donated some 203 units of power generators to various provinces and barangays to help stave off the difficulties experienced by these sectors and to support the continuance of their activities, including the administrative and livelihood programs, during the crisis.

CIP is also involved in promoting education in the medical field through The Eusebio S. Garcia and UP Medicine Class of '38 Foundation, Inc. where CIP is a major donor. Named after the late Dr. Garcia, who was a member of the class, this non-stock, non-profit corporation is dedicated to providing assistance to needy students through scholarships, student loans and the maintenance of two professional chairs at the UP College of Medicine.



Chemphil Employees' Livelihood Foundation, Inc., a foundation registered with SEC is a non-stock, non-profit organization. The Foundation was launched on December 3, 2001 with the following vision and mission.


To contribute to the development and promotion of livelihood opportunities, improve quality of family life through assistance, establish small-scale business, provide funding sources for emergency and other urgent family needs, and to conduct skills & personal development program.


An enhanced and improved quality of life of the Chemphil Group employees, their families and neighboring communities. 

CELF, with support coming from CIP and its company affiliates, provides various services, community development programs and projects such as: medical and dental missions, reach-out programs, livelihood seminars, emergency medical community assistance program, donation to schools, barangay and orphanage of the neighboring communities in Pasig.

As a responsible corporate citizen, the company, through the Community Relations of CELF contribute to social and economic well-being of communities around the plant in Pasig.