The Company's Business Operations

The Chemical Industries of the Philippines, Inc. (CIP) was founded by Dr. Eusebio S. Garcia as a single-proprietorship in January 1951. Inspired by the conclusion of economists then that "the industrialization of a country was best measured by the amount of sulfuric acid consumed". CIP soon was to be the very first chemical manufacturing company in the Philippines. In 1958, with its main operations being that of a 10 MT/day sulfuric acid plant - the first ever in the country. CIP was incorporated - and it embarked on fertilizer manufacturing as another major activity - paving the way for the development of the country's chemical industry.

In more than fifty years of its existence, CIP grew steadily from a single proprietorship operating a modest sulfuric acid plant to what it is today - parent to the Chemphil Group of Companies a number of which are joint venture companies co-owned by distinguished global partners, respectively.

Under the founder's able management, CIP furthered the development of the sulfuric acid industry in the country. Another and more modern sulfuric acid plant followed the first. Thereafter, CIP developed other pioneering projects.

The early seventies saw CIP's entrepreneurial years as it established two more major chemical plants under their respective corporate structures. These are the first polyphosphates plant and the first alkyl benzene plant in the Philippines.

Today, the company is the holding company of major corporations primarily engaged in the manufacture and sale of industrial chemicals. The CIP subsidiaries and affiliates are also in general insurance and personal care products. CIP itself as an investing company (CIP-Investments Division) is into real estate investments. It also provides management support services to its subsidiaries and affiliates (CIP-Management Division). As the Chemphil Group's holding company, it now fully owns CAWC Inc., has a majority share in LMG Chemicals Corporation (LMG). It owns 41% of Perfumeria EspaƱola Corp. (PEC) known in the Philippines for the Heno de Pravia brand of personal care lines.

CIP's Management Division provides the Chemphil Group - under a shared services environment - a full range of corporate management services. This vital role include finance, investment, budget planning and procedures, electronic data processing and personnel and manpower development, liaison work with government agencies, and corporate affairs services. It also assists in the corporate planning and development program with marketing-related research and project studies of the member companies of the Chemphil Group.